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Dukes of Chutney – Domino EP

Miyako Koda`s Dip In The Pool. Imitation`s “Muscle And Heat”. Manipulated acoustics and nursery rhyme. Tremelo and Dub. A Spaghetti Western skank.

A campfire burns and crackles. The Congos, Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras somewhere off afar. Isabelle Antena meets Quiet Village. One Dove on a Sunday afternoon in the backroom of an Archway boozer. Déjà vu on Skunk. Brenda Ray dissolves to Gigi Masin dulcimer and love remembered ambience. Turner, Lucy and Pherber performing under Egyptian cotton. A world ignored and time forgotten. Sweet awakening and quickening pulse.

Les Disques Du Crepuscle. Steel pan glitch and “Goddess Eyes”. Laurie Anderson via Julia Holter and Grimes.  — Dr. Rob via

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